Why and How to Partner with us

Benefits to Employers

There are a multitude of excellent benefits for engaging with us in a partnership.

  • Inspire – Be an inspiration to our talented learners to pursue roles within your sector and organisation. You will be able to meet and influence our learners through our partnerships and promote your organisation and vacancies.
  • Skills – Support with the development of a workforce with the technical ability needed to fulfil roles where there is currently a shortage.
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility – Share with stakeholders and other organisations how you have supported young people from a variety of different backgrounds, improving their employability and progression opportunities.
  • Fresh Perspective – Our learners can make a real contribution to your organisation by offering a fresh perspective in the work place.
  • Recruitment – You will have an exciting opportunity to meet our learners and develop their skills and employability – they could be your future employees! You can increase your recruitment pipeline and increase diversity in the workplace too.
  • Staff Development – Support your existing staff in their own personal and workplace development as managers and mentors to learners, passing on their valuable knowledge and skills.
  • Extra Resources – A fantastic opportunity to have an extra pair of hands to assist and add value.
  • Publicity and Marketing – Raise your employer profile by working with us to promote your own organisation too.
  • Networking – An opportunity to meet other local, regional and national employers through our different events as we invite you to partner with us.

Benefits to Learners

Since The JCB Academy was founded, we have collaborated with employers to give our learners the best possible chance of succeeding in the world of work. There are undoubtedly great benefits to be had by our learners.

  • Employability – Learners can gain new skills and knowledge from employers, as well as develop on their existing skills to support them in their employability.
  • Careers – By working with employers, learners will be able to see first-hand what your organisation and sector are like which will support them in their career decisions.
  • Skills – Learners will develop their technical knowledge and skills from employers, discovering what is needed in industry.
  • Employer Meet – By engaging with employers, learners will gain a great insight into the world of work and potential meet their future employers through networking.
  • Industry Experience – Learners may have the opportunity to visit the workplace which is an exciting chance.

Partner with us

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