Industry Placements

Industry placements form a mandatory part of our T-Level qualification. The placement would last a minimum of 315 hours, or approximately 45 days, structured in a way that would be amenable to both you as a supportive employer and the academy. By completing the placement, learners will receive meaningful, hands on real-life experiences in the world of work and the understanding needed to gain the skills needed in the profession.

The aim of the industrial placement is to provide learners enough time to be effective within the business and for them to learn in-depth the skills necessary to be a good employee. Each employer is different and so we want to work together with you to find the right learner(s) for your organisation. This may be fulfilled in a variety of ways such as assessment, applications, interviews or a combination.

Why host an industry placement?

This is an exciting opportunity for us to work together to ensure learners are receiving meaningful placements and as employer’s there are a range of benefits too;

  • Hosting a placement will offer development opportunities for any managers/aspiring managers in your organisation.
  • Potential for longer term employment opportunities to the learner, streamlining your recruitment process following a successful placement.
  • This is great opportunity for an extra pair of hands to support you, bringing with them fantastic ideas and fresh perspectives.
  • Engaging with learners can support you in establishing a more creative and diverse work force.
  • Helps to address the skills shortages we are currently seeing around the UK and supports learners to develop those technical skills that your industry needs.
  • It helps to support and play a part in the local community.
  • A fantastic opportunity to build relationships with a successful provider of technical education.

There are undoubtedly benefits to be had by all should you choose to support us.