Futures Foundation

The Futures Foundation is a charitable foundation raising funds to support learners, past, present and future from The JCB Academy, an innovative school for learners aged 13-18 with an interest in engineering and/or business. Through donations and fundraising, the Futures Foundation will enhance the learning at the academy with leading-edge facilities, equipment and learner support.

Futures Foundation exists to help all learners at The JCB Academy to remain top of the class for engineering and business education.

The academy is already enabling learners to build bright futures for themselves, with its unique facilities, elite teaching staff and unparalleled real-world learning opportunities.

However, one of the enduring principles of both the engineering and business worlds is that nothing stands still for long, so neither can the academy or its learners.

“Without the support of The JCB Academy and the Futures Foundation, I would never have been able to attend one of the top colleges in the United States. Not only was their direct support important, but working alongside great engineers and business leaders taught me a lot about the industry and the skills that I need to succeed in the future.”
Jack Shaw – currently studying a PhD in Geology at Yale University, USA

It is vital that the academy continues to provide a high-quality, innovative and, above all, relevant education for its learners; only in that way will they retain their edge in the competitive worlds of further education and

Of course, keeping the academy’s facilities and its teaching programmes up-to-date and inspirational is vital to this aim, but that, in turn, comes at a substantial cost and it is important to keep access open and available to all, whatever their personal circumstances.

Our target is to raise £500,000 to secure critical new technology and equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters and an updated CAD suite and to establish a learner transport and support fund. We hope you will help us reach our goal.