Academy Uniform

The JCB Academy boys uniform

The JCB Academy has a high regard for professional standards and we believe that learners who are planning to work within some of the UK’s most prestigious businesses need to dress appropriately. Our aim is to prepare young people to be the engineers and business leaders of the future.

The JCB Academy uniform is supplied by Clive Mark and can be purchased at a reduced rate at our uniform purchasing evening.

Compulsory uniform items

Compulsory items available from Clive Mark

  1. JCB Academy – suit jacket
  2. JCB Academy – trousers or skirt
  3. JCB Academy – pullover
  4. JCB Academy – tie (in house colour)
  5. JCB Academy PE – shorts or skort
  6. JCB Academy PE – t-shirt
  7. JCB Academy PE – rugby shirt
  8. JCB Academy PE – sports socks
  9. JCB Academy PE – tracksuit bottoms

Uniform special offer package
Our uniform special offer package contains all of the compulsory uniform items from Clive Mark listed above. This special offer is only available at our uniform purchasing evening.

Compulsory items available from other stockists

  • White shirt with collar
  • Black shoes which need to be robust (e.g. no dolly-type shoes for girls)
  • Blue or black socks
  • Football/rugby boots (studs) – applies to boys and girls
  • Gum shield (rugby/hockey) – applies to boys and girls
  • Shin pads (football/hockey) – applies to boys and girls
  • Trainers (indoor/multi use surfaces) – applies to boys and girls

Engineering starter kit
This kit contains everything learners require for engineering classes. All items are available to buy along with the other uniform items at the uniform purchase evening.

  • safety glasses and bag
  • gloves
  • 6” steel rule
  • scriber
  • centre punch
  • adjustable spanner
  • engineers picket guide
  • jenny calipers
  • 6mm allen key
  • storage bag

Uniform Policy

To read The JCB Academy uniform policy please visit our policies page by clicking here