Everyone likes to be reassured by word of mouth so we’d like to share some of our testimonials with you. Below are some independent views, you can also see what our Year 10 Academy learners/parents say or what our sixth form learners say.

“The JCB Academy is astoundingly good, recruiting non-selectively from a wide area. Terms are longer, working days are longer, but they are heavily oversubscribed and amazingly well equipped. The learners are highly motivated and their results are astonishingly good”.
Philip Greenish Chief Executive, Royal Academy of Engineering.

“An inspirational building filled with inspirational young people”.
John Cridland, Director General, Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

“A high quality workforce is essential to the success of our growing manufacturing sector in North Staffs and graduates and apprentices will be an integral part of this in the years ahead.
“The JCB Academy is helping us to grow our own engineering talent.
“Today’s news sends a very clear and positive message to young people coming through our schools, academies and universities that there is an exciting future for them in local manufacturing.”
Jane Gratton, Membership and policy Manager, Chamber of Commerce.

“The academy is a calm and purposeful environment in which to learn and thrive socially, personally and academically”.