Y11 Toyota Challenge 2023

Toyota have recently started our Y11 Toyota Challenge, a set of engineering-based tasks that involve constructing an engine within a limited timeframe, creating a fuel rail spacer on lathes, designing and constructing a wind-powered car, as well as practicing LEAN manufacturing and production.

Mandy-Jayne Evans, Toyota’s Senior Specialist for Young People Education, provided LEAN manufacturing and production instruction to Year 11 students to help them reinforce their knowledge and apply it to their coursework.

The Toyota team introduced LEAN manufacturing and production processes in a presentation, providing learners with insight into various areas such as efficiency, quality, production flow, material waste, and budget control.

In one of the challenges, Year 11 students were given the task of assembling a Lego excavator in the quickest time, utilising the advice and techniques shared by the Toyota team during group discussions. Learners had to work together in small teams to determine the most effective approach to building the Lego set. Lego sets are commonly used in the manufacturing industry to teach LEAN manufacturing and production methods, and Toyota is among the companies employing this technique.