As a core subject, Mathematics is a fundamental element of learning at The JCB Academy. Our team of outstanding practitioners take the learners on a journey to strive to be excellent mathematicians and to be enthused for a love of Maths. It is important that we develop and guide our learners to have the mathematical skills they require to support their chosen pathway as they move forward in their career through the JCB Academy. Our focus is to embed mathematical skills and knowledge through modelling, application and enrichment. As part of our curriculum in mathematics, we offer a range of opportunities to enrich learners and to enhance their subject knowledge.

We also offer a wide range of support and resources to aid and enhance learner engagement.

  • AQA exam board with 2 tier entries
  • Finely streamlined sets in year 11 to drive progress and allow for support where needed. Optimal pace of delivery
  • Use of specialist LSM in class to support the learning in line with the class leaders’ expectations
  • Mastery based curriculum in place to promote fluency in key skills
  • Topics taught in-depth to address common misconceptions
  • Subscriptions to award-winning online services to provide unique packages tailored to individual learner requirements
  • Option to take Additional Maths in year 11 to bridge the gap between KS4 and KS5 maths to ensure a smooth transition
  • L1 and L2 Functional skills available
  • Participating in UKMT to recognise and reward gifted and talented learners
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