The JCB Academy is unique with its two intake years at Year 9 and Year 10 and we know this can be a difficult time for learners to start a new school, with this in mind we try to make the transition as enjoyable as possible.

The first part of this is transition is our induction days, learners are invited to a series of days where they take part in a range of fun and engaging activities.

When they join the academy in September, one of the first things that they take part in is a residential trip to Harper Adams University, one of the academy’s core challenge partners. Whilst at Harper Adams, learners participate in a range of educational and leisure-based activities and they also experience their first engineering experience. The educational lessons involve PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic), English, mathematics, science, and engineering. The engineering lessons, which are taught alongside Harper Adams lecturers and include vehicle configuration, traction and power, steering and suspension, and chassis design. The leisure-based activities include archery, rock-climbing, segway riding, and team-building challenges in the daytime and social activities like barbeques and film nights in the evenings.

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