JCB & Toyota Challenges

The JCB Academy is proud of its links with its industry partners who help develop curriculum projects and challenges for our learners to work on.

Learners in Year 9 and Year 10 have recently worked on two of our annual challenges set by JCB and Toyota. Both are similar projects, each using a set amount of materials, the objective of the JCB challenge is to design and build a Cab for a JCB digger and the Toyota challenge is to design and build a wind-powered car. Learners are given a limited amount of paper, card and modelling straws, and a variety of other items such as tape, scissors, glue guns, etc. to assist. The JCB challenge is about strength and structure, whilst the Toyota is about efficiency and weight. Learners start the JCB challenge with the opportunity to look around two JCB machines, delivered and parked on the academy car park. The JCB Cab has to withstand a weight placed on the top and must also contain a 50x50mm front window and 50x50mm Cab door window. The Toyota wind-powered car challenge has similar limited amount of materials and the objective is to design and build a vehicle that can travel the furthest under the force of two hairdryers.

‘It was an exciting opportunity to work with two companies like JCB and Toyota. The JCB apprentices were really helpful and gave us engineering advice.’ Luke Easter – Y9 Royce

‘It was really useful to have two JCB diggers here at the academy, this helped me understand how things work on them.’ Corey Sellers – Y9 Royce

JCB & Toyota Challenge Gallery