India Trip 2018 – Day 4

Daily blog by Y12 sixth form learner, Charlie Pearson.

Today was a more relaxing day compared to the past few as we have been travelling to Jaipur today from Agra for our visit at the JCB factory tomorrow.

The journey took us 5 1/2 hours which was quite tiring but managed to pass the time by playing cards. Once we arrived at the hotel we freshened up to go and site see around Jaipur, in which we saw battle forts and the building in which the king of Jaipur currently lives in. As well as this we saw the ancient sun dials which the locals would refer too to tell the time.

On the way back to the bus we passed a local who had a cobra in which he placed it on my neck, it was crazy! Once we got on the bus we made our way back the hotel to have more fantastic food and a good nights sleep.

It’s currently 01:10 in Jaipur so I’m heading off to sleep.