India Trip 2018 – Day 3

Daily blog by Y12 sixth form learner, Charlie Pearson.

Brisk wake up this morning at 6am to have breakfast and pack our bags ready to move to the next hotel.

We left the hotel to travel to the Matahj Mahl, which took 4hrs on the bus, it felt much quicker because of being so entertained by the farmers which we saw working in the fields making straw huts next to the motorway.

We finally arrived at Agra to be greeted by the Matahj Mahl which was mind blowing! The building was huge! Once we finished the tour around the palace, we head towards The Red Fort, where the creator of the Matahj Mahal was held in prison after he built it.

After the tours we went to a marble carving gallery, we got to see how the the Matahj Mahl decor was carried out when it was being built to give it its amazing detail.

After a long day we head back to the hotel to have more great food and a good nights sleep. It was well needed, the jet lags still catching me out.