forces of nature book

Holiday Reading

What is Mrs Brakner reading in the holidays?

Many of our learners know that I am (Mrs Brakner) reading Forces of Nature by Professor Brian Cox. Not a typical English teacher`s choice I hear you say. Yes, I agree, it is a far-cry from the fictional worlds of films, comics and novels that I am comfortable with. Or… is it? I have to say, it is not. I now understand the fascination of the film makers and novel writers of the modern world; their inspiration must come from real science and their ideas are governed by some of the laws of nature that are described in this excellent book. The chapters take you on a journey from snowflakes to rainbows, their scientific background and the `simple` questions that lead to `elegant answers` behind the seemingly every day that surrounds you. You will see the world with a renewed understanding that elevates the mind. If you are interested, but have little patience with the words on the page then go to BBC iPlayer and watch the series, you will be hooked too. Once you did so, tell me all about it.

Happy reading.