Admissions Offer Information – Learner Support

The JCB Academy prides itself on the level of pastoral care and specialist support provided to its learners in all year groups. This information provides a summary of our provision, covering the aspects most relevant to parents/carers at the time of transition.

Pastoral Care

Every learner who comes to the academy is allocated a Mentor; the Mentor is the first point of contact for parents/carers throughout their son’s/daughter’s time at the academy. Mentors monitor each learner’s academic progress and provide pastoral support under the guidance of their Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year. The frequency of contact between a learner and their Mentor is based on an assessment of the learner’s individual needs.

We recognise the wide range of challenges facing young people today and work hard to support learners whose emotional wellbeing and ability to reach their full potential is adversely affected by other issues in their lives. We provide support and guidance for learners who are dealing with issues such as friendship problems, bullying, problems at home or concerns regarding their self-esteem and a range of other issues through bespoke interventions and where necessary, individual support plans.

In addition, we recognise that transition to a new school can be difficult for some learners and work hard to ensure that all learners settle well, feel supported and are confident in asking for help if they need it. We encourage parents/carers to contact us regarding issues outside of the academy that may affect learners whilst they are here, to ensure they receive the correct level of support at the right time.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

We provide a balanced curriculum tailored to meet the individual requirements of learners with special educational needs and disabilities, providing opportunities for all learners to reach their full potential.

A learner’s needs will initially be identified using information provided to us by their previous school and from parents/carers. Further to this, we assess learners by screening them ourselves if appropriate. On-going monitoring by teaching and support staff, as well as liaison with parents/carers, enables us to respond to any concerns efficiently.

Attendance Monitoring and Support

Ensuring regular attendance is every parent’s/carer’s legal responsibility and permitting absence from school without a valid reason is an offence in law which can result in prosecution. Learners who miss school will miss vital learning which could impact on the completion of coursework and their performance in examinations; furthermore, a learner’s attendance record forms a significant aspect of their reference for employment and further education opportunities. We are therefore keen to ensure that all learners achieve full attendance and always aim to work in partnership with families to overcome any barriers to attendance.

Please download our Attendance Information Sheet for further information, or click here to read our Attendance Policy

If you would like to speak to someone about your son’s/daughter’s support needs or to share information with us that will help us to support them with transition, please contact us on 01889 506100 or by email:

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