Academy Overview

A New Approach to Education

The JCB Academy is sponsored by JCB and, alongside other businesses including Bentley Motors, Network Rail and Rolls-Royce, they form our Core Challenge Partners who together develop our unique curriculum and learning techniques. The academy provides a world class educational experience which has been specifically designed to ensure young people achieve top grades and develop the key skills essential for success in the world of work. These revolve around:

  • The right attitude – “can do” / “will do”
  • Pursuit of technical and academic excellence
  • Achieving through actions
  • Passion for quality
  • Creative and enterprising behaviour
  • Team and leadership capacity

Although learners are able to exercise considerable choice in how they undertake activities and the ways in which they learn, they all follow the same core curriculum having made their curriculum choices at Key Stage 4, by electing to attend the academy.

The academy works hard to encourage this within the learner body. Learners are encouraged to take an active part in the Student Council, including controlling the delegated budget. Learners can also take on a range of leadership roles ranging from leading within the engineering challenge activities, becoming prefects, mentoring other learners or applying to take on the responsibility of becoming Head Boy or Head Girl.