Dear {Parent/Carer first name:17},

Thank you for your application on behalf of {Child\’s first name(s):1} to join The JCB Academy.


It is important that you check these details are correct:

  • Learner’s name: {Child\’s first name(s):1} {Child\’s Last name:3}
  • Gender: {Gender:5}
  • Year group: {Which year group are you applying for?:34}
  • DOB: {Child\’s Date of birth – Y9 learner:75}{Child\’s Date of birth – Y10 learner:76}
  • Address: {Address (Street Address):79.1}, {Address (Address Line 2):79.2}, {Address (County / State):79.4}, {Address (ZIP / Postal Code):79.5}
  • email: {Email:22}

IMPORTANT – Further correspondence

Please ensure that the email {Email:22} you have provided is correct. If you have entered this incorrectly, please contact

The application process

  1. You have completed the first stage of the process by submitting the application form.
  2. You will receive correspondence by letter over the coming days/weeks informing you of a date and time for {Child\’s first name(s):1} to take a GL Assessment Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4). Further information about this assessment will be contained within the letter. Please note, {Child\’s first name(s):1} is required to complete the CAT assessment in order to be eligible for selection.
  3. On the 1st February all eligible applications will be entered into the randomly allocated selection process:
    • All applicants will be assigned a number which will be entered into a computerised system, this will then randomly select the allocated number of learners required for our intake. Should we be over-subscribed, those that don’t make the initial intake will be placed on a waiting list.
  4. On the 1st March an email and letter will be sent out informing you of the outcome of your application.

Kind regards,
The JCB Academy Admissions Team