This week at The JCB Academy, staff and learners have been really excited to be back to some form of normality!

We delivered a two-day re-engagement programme for all our KS4 learners based on the ‘power of relationships’, clearly focussing on all of the positive aspects and amazing opportunities that lie ahead. All learners and parents/carers have been really supportive in relation to the testing programme and reinforcing all safety measures and expectations; this has enabled us all to re-connect and re-engage on the journey to success.

Learners have safely taken part in specialised re-engagement activities – team building activities in sport, team building activities in engineering, re-engagement tasks with English, mathematics and science – all with the aim of eliminating any stress or anxieties ready for the weeks ahead. We have seen some amazing ideas, construction and entrepreneurial skills throughout the week and we have celebrated success.

Friday afternoon concluded with the Y9 Bentley Challenge which involved learners thinking long and hard about designing and then presenting a new feature for the Bentley model, the aim being to be carbon neutral by 2030 – with, of course, a Comic Relief spin on their ideas!

It has been a fantastic week which has definitely achieved the objectives we set out.  It was fabulous for staff and the learners to back in the academy and re-engaging through these well delivered, powerful activities; it has been a joy to see.