Learners Meet Olympic British Slalom Canoeist Adam Burgess

JCB Academy learners have recently put their paddle power to the test under the expert eye of Olympic canoeist Adam Burgess.

On Monday, 16 May, Year 9 learners from The JCB Academy had the opportunity to meet with an Olympic, Adam Burgess. Adam, a British Slalom Canoeist, joined the learners at JCB Head Quarters’ Lakeside, celebrating the news of a brand-new paddleboarding and kayaking Extension Activity starting at The JCB Academy in the next term. Adam will also be involved in an upcoming sponsored paddle on JCB Lake where academy staff will paddle a minimum of 70km to raise funds for JCB’s NSPCC Platinum Jubilee Appeal and to also raise funds for the remaining equipment needed for the after-school activity.

The day started with a select group of learners having a paddleboarding session with Adam on the JCB lake, experiencing his vast experience on the water. Following the water sports session, Adam, from Stone, shared his inspirational sporting story with more than 150 Year 9 JCB Academy students in a presentation at the JCB World Headquarters theatre. Adam talked about what it takes to achieve your dream, prioritising your well-being, and managing yourself. Adam gave a fantastic insight into managing your anxiety using breathing techniques that help reset your body and mind.

JCB Academy Head of Physical Education Nik Morgan said: “The JCB Academy prides itself on offering the best educational and sporting opportunities for our young people. We cannot thank JCB enough for enabling the students to really broaden their horizons with this generous donation.”

Adam said: “It is brilliant to see JCB investing in the next generation of water sports enthusiasts – whether it’s for fun or at competitive level. Staffordshire has a proud pedigree of producing Olympic canoeists and it would be great to see some of these youngsters following in my footsteps.”

You can find out more about Adam at https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/olympic-paralympic/team/adam-burgess