Case Study – Jade Aubrey

Are you looking for a sixth form with great pathways to an apprenticeship?

With links to some of the UK’s leading businesses, it’s no surprise that our former learners have secured fantastic apprenticeships since leaving The JCB Academy Sixth Form.

Take Jade Aubrey for example, she joined The JCB Academy in 2013 and continued her education into The JCB Academy Sixth Form where she studied an engineering diploma and an A-level in mathematics. Jade is now a Level 4 Higher engineering apprentice at National Grid.

Jade said; “The JCB Academy has given me the building blocks I needed to fulfill the engineering career I always desired and it has enabled my love for engineering to flourish in ways I didn’t think possible. The unique learning experience I gained from being in the sixth form enabled me to talk passionately about engineering with prospective employers. The engineering in-depth knowledge I gained from the sixth form enabled me to secure a higher level apprenticeship with a major organisation.”

Mr Stanmore, director of The JCB Academy Sixth Form said; “The sixth form at The JCB Academy works closely with several industrial partners to ensure that learners get as much as they can from their time here. Such partnerships provide opportunities for working with industry professionals on projects that contextualise their learning. This offers a unique learning experience that many other sixth forms don’t offer and contributes to what gives our leavers the competitive edge as they enter the world of business.”

What you can study at The JCB Academy Sixth Form – You can choose to study either: three A-levels, a diploma or you can mix your studies by choosing a diploma along with up to two A-levels.

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