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Pentaxia is one of the leading composite companies in the UK. A family-owned business with an excellent reputation, they work with a wide range of customers in sectors including aerospace, motorsport, and luxury automotive. They have been in business for over 14 years and continue to adapt to their customer’s needs, investing in research & development to ensure they remain at the forefront of this rapidly growing market.

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“We are always looking to introduce high calibre people into, not only our company, but our industry at all different levels and we believe that working with an institution such as The JCB Academy, we will be helping the next generations of bright young Engineers fulfil their potential.” Mark Gould, Training and Development Officer.

How Pentaxia work with the Academy

Pentaxia are a Gold Employer Partner of the JCB Academy:

  • Work Experience
  • Guest Speaker
  • Recruitment Support
  • Mock Interviews
  • Careers Events
  • Industry Placement
  • Staff development
  • Learner Workshops/Challenges
  • Curriculum