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Since 1993 Lowe has been a preferred supplier of high quality stillages, trolleys and material handling equipment to companies such as JCB, DHL, FedEx and IAE. We have become industry leaders in providing bespoke solutions and pride ourselves on the competitive edge our designs provide to our customers.

Lowe started manufacturing material handling equipment from a small rented unit, based in the small market town of Uttoxeter. Initially, our founder Nigel Lowe singularly fabricated products to customer requirements, designing and welding on his own, supported by his wife Janet who often painted the products.

Lowe soon started to grow, supplying a major OEM also based in Staffordshire who successfully produce on a large-scale earth moving equipment for the global market. Lowe recognised that many companies in the UK either produced, or imported material handling equipment such as stillages and trollies. However, the quality of the products was very poor, and there was a lack of quality control and standards.

Lowe continued to grow, ensuring that we had full ISO accreditation, and qualified certified welders as well as fully audited factory control systems, setting the benchmarks for our industry.

For further information on Lowe, please visit https://www.stillagesandcages.co.uk/

“We have been looking for a training provider that shares the same values and principles as ourselves, with the aim of producing good engineers for the future from within the local community. We are focusing on the academy to assist our company to recruit some high-calibre apprentices going forward with a passion for engineering and business. Part of the business strategy in the future will rely heavily on the young people we get through the door today.”

How Lowe work with the Academy

Lowe are a Gold Employer Partner of the JCB Academy:

  • Work Experience
  • Guest Speaker
  • Recruitment Support
  • Mock Interviews
  • Careers Events
  • Industry Placement
  • Staff development
  • Learner Workshops/Challenges
  • Curriculum