Engineering Apprenticeship – Michelin

Engineering Apprentice – Advanced Level 3

The Michelin Production Plant at the Stoke site has been modernised and automated using the latest technologies.

The Engineering Apprenticeship on offer is designed to develop the successful candidate towards joining the Site Engineering Maintenance Team servicing this plant.

A Michelin apprentice would expect to:

  • Complete a number of training activities in the following disciplines: Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic. The training would supplement any training received through the training supplier
  • Work as part of the maintenance team completing scheduled maintenance in the production workshops
  • Gain experience working with the trouble-shooting engineers (Shift Work) resolving production stoppages for machine failures
  • Work as Part of the Site Maintenance Team maintaining the site infrastructure
  • Training will also be undertaken to understand the Quality Culture of the Michelin Brand

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