Admissions Consultation: 1 October 2022 – 31 January 2023

Proposal under consultation

The JCB Academy currently admits 133 learners into Y9 and an additional 67 learners into Y10, an overall intake of 200 learners across the two year groups. The proposal is for The JCB Academy to admit 200 learners into Y9 only.

With the addition of the new T-Level qualification, the academy proposes an increase in Sixth Form capacity to accommodate a new T-Level cohort into Y12. This will increase the Y12 group size from 100 learners to 130 learners.

There is no plan to increase additional learners who transfer to the academy into Y12; this number is to remain at 50 learners. However, an additional 35 learners are planned to progress from the existing Y11 to make a total Y12 year group size of 140 learners.

a) 185 learners into Y9 (total year group size at 185). The JCB Academy has capacity for 555 learners in pre-16.
b) 50 learners into Y12. The JCB Academy has capacity for 240 learners in the Sixth Form. The total Y12 group size will be 130, including learners who progress from The JCB Academy’s Y11. If fewer learners progress from Y11, The JCB Academy will admit over the admission number up to the overall size of the Y12 group if sufficient applications are received.
c) The JCB Academy Trust may set a higher admission number than The JCB Academy’s agreed admission number for an applicable year group.

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